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Fasting Savers is a movement created to unite people who fast. Valid and open data about fasting represents the uniting and empowering force our movement provides to its followers. Our stance is that scientific facts about fasting should be free and available for all. We do not hide behind paywalls. Data we provide and share will always be free. We are the curators of truth about fasting and creators of a healthier future. We are Fasting Savers.

This portal is not only the greatest data reference list on the topic of fasting. Fasting Savers is a global movement whose advocates actively promote fasting benefits to the public. We encourage all to share their health and fasting life stories. That way you can convince others to start fasting. Our unique newsletter is an open-ended communication tool that features every idea and question our subscribers have. We take pride in our open-mindedness and inclusiveness. But we are also welcoming to opposing views and scientific scrutiny.

The purpose of joining Fasting Savers is to save your health. You can as well help other people save their health. You can do this by armoring yourself with knowledge and sharing that knowledge in the offline and online world. Could you imagine higher-good other than saving someone’s life by helping them start fasting? Subscribe to our newsletter and watch our great movement grow.

We can think. We can wait. We can fast.
Judge William     

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Ethical case for fasting

Our species is by cooperation continually upgrading itself, hopefully toward higher moral values and only those moral values stand in front of destruction and annihilation of our planet. If you want to do good, you can. Do it as a Fasting Saver. Use our fasting calculator, donate 10% or more every month and see all the power you have in promoting life and defeating death.